Le Sape

The Le Sape outshine women’s fashion by far.


In the Congo, circa today, a mixture of Congolese and French fashion collide creating a dynamic group of couture men called the Le Sape, short for Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes, or the Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People. Men blend neon colours with classic styles; blend the oppressor with the oppressed.  This is not only a fashion statement for them.  It is a way of life where etiquette and ethics dominate the threads more than the brand.  Mind you, there are rules to follow regarding colour and shape of the whole ensemble.  Le Sape, no doubt, knows how drink a cup of tea with more refinery than a French magistrate or a debutante.

gentlemenofbacongo6 gentlemenofbacongo3 gentlemenofbacongo2

They are contrasting high-class with poverty, not something unknown in third world countries or cultures who invent their own fashion sense despite the surroundings, but Le Sape are unique in their own right.  Non-violent with strong religious convictions, Le Sape embody a fashion forward group with advanced thinking; an amalgam of what Africa is today.


Perhaps if you still aren’t familiar with them, I’m sure that a review of the famous Solange Knowles video “Losing You” will spark a memory (director Melina Matsoukas) where she parades down Cape Town in couture from head to toe while basking amongst Le Sape.



old skool hip hop=new skool dope

britpleasehothoes1 hothoes2

Women in any of the following-whether separate, together, or a mixture-demand power and respect:

flannels, cut-offs made from boyfriend’s or brother’s jeans, combat boots, wide-legged or tuxedo pants, heavy jewelry-aka multiple rings or earrings, letterman jackets, sweatshirts-favored hoodies, gold chains, and pastel hair or any manic panic shade.

hattrap  hothoes5

These are not simple symbols of the 90s, but symbols of masculine power that, once again, women today are adopting as their own.  However, to wear them is not enough.  The real key to the success of these items is a take-no-shit attitude.  Without it you are just rocking a look and not representing the package as such.  Gowone then, be a bad bitch; make them all bow down.


Hawtshop shoes paired with drinks

drink up; legs crossed or not

Get your cowboy pimp on-


A night on the old range, or at least the proverbial one, tickling your fancy? Pick up these shit kickers, pair them with black tight denim and suspenders, and maybe extra-round, black glasses; then get to stepping. versatile enough to hit the city streets for miles of art gallery gazing or bar hoping and versatile enough to hit a rural landscape for some country road walking or billiards sharking.

Pair with:
⦁ beer in a can
⦁ whiskey in a flask
⦁ shots of tequila


Get your inner bitch on-

Wanna feel powerful? Skip the hard stuff and jump into a pair of these. Tall enough to dominate the crowds and some men, these boots can conjure feelings of might and spite. In a mini or some faux-leather, punk rock leggings these stilettos add curves to just the right places.
Pair with:
⦁ vodka and lime
⦁ any new trendy drink
⦁ vodka with a cherry


Get your walk on-


When Nancy Sinatra sang her smokey lines “these boots were made for walking” she was talking about these sons of bitches. Fancy enough to pair with a floral dress, yet casual enough for high-waisted, boyfriend jeans and a crop top these boots will get many miles out of anyone’s closet. The chunky, wooden heel gives just enough natural sentiment a girl just might feel like a hitting an outdoor concert.
Pair with:
⦁ bottled beer
⦁ all wines
⦁ gin and juice


Get your childhood on-

Who doesn’t want to step back in time? For women, shoes are a great way to metamorphosis into our past images; with these-reverse hopscotch to a space of lemonade and teddy bears galore. Soft pointed-toe in pastel pairs with the patent-leather black straps that scream nostalgia.
Pair with:
⦁ peppermint schnapps
⦁ peach schnapps
⦁ boone hill farms


Get your 1990’s on-

Retro is all the rage. And no shoe embodies that more than these grunge platforms that remind one of those derelict fashion senses of the 90s. With a pair of worn-in cut-offs scribbled with band names or lyrics, a barely buttoned flannel, a wool cap, and the pieces-de-resistance of greasy hair and a nose piercing, a flash to the past is what’s in order.
Pair with:
⦁ jagermeister
⦁ beer in red plastic cups
⦁ sangria


Sexy Little Wildflower

Flowers are hitting hard this season from shoes to bikini’s whether they are floral  prints  or full blown flowered headpieces, flowers is a hot fashion trend that will be around for awhile especially with summer heating up!  There are so many beautiful prints to choose from in  many different color schemes, like  corals and purples or  classic black and white. Floral prints can sometimes come off  as a little intimidating for some due to the overall busy look they have, but when  worn correctly there is no need to fear looking too over the top.  Here’s how to bloom into style effortlessly:


1.  Keep in mind while you may see these prints worn head to toe, less is always an option.  Try starting off with something simple like a pair of floral heels, scarf, or small purse.  This simple addition to your outfit can speak volumes.  It shows simplicity at it’s best with a fashion forward spin.
2 Incorporate floral bling to your outfit:  There are many choices out there as far as fashion jewelry  when it comes to this trend.  Floral statement necklaces, and rings or even studs are great options for  adding a little garden flare to your look.
3.  Floral head pieces: I absolutely love these, they come in different colors, and sizes so you can  mix an match your look.  This has a very hippie vibe to it, but this look can easily be spiced up when worn with the right outfit.  For instance pairing a flower headpiece with a chic blazer and shorts, while  adding a beautiful hue to your lips can create a perfectly playful yet sexy look.  Make sure you choose a color that complements  your hair color, skin tone and eyes to accentuate your beauty as a whole.
4. Go for the bold floral look: If you’re the type of woman who’s not afraid to dive right into trends and take them to the next level then go ahead and grab those all floral blazers, dresses, shorts and bikinis.  You’re bound to get heads turning with a floral on floral outfit.  The best way to pull this off is to have the confidence to do it, these prints are made with a lots of colors and movement that allow you many options when it comes to matching shoes, bags, make up and jewelry.


A surprisingly popular floral accessory that’s become a must have is a floral snap back. These hats have come a long way  from simply representing sports team logos.  While many women have already been rocking  snap backs the fact that they are  now available in these bold floral prints have opened doors for more women to be willing to wearing them.  These are naturally more feminine as they are easily able to be matched with an array of styles, such as rompers, dresses, and skirts, versus  the traditional snap back that tends to work better with a more casual look like jeans and a t-shirt.

Get with the trend and become a walking wildflower by checking out these online retailers:


Fashion Confessions: Me & McQueen

Contributing Writer: Renee Simpson
I’m not a gay man, I’m not the founder of a design empire, and I’m not dead – so what could I possibly have in common with the late, great Alexander McQueen? We both made the epic error of tattooing a (now ex-) boyfriend’s name on our arm. In McQueen’s case, it was a first name only. In my case, having been in a love with a Spaniard (with a British accent no less), and being the extremist that I am, I had his entire double-barreled surname tattooed on my left arm.
Tattoos are a permanent fashion statement,  and mostly a confession.  For the rest of my life (unless I get a cover up, unlikely) I’m telling the world I was in love with a man who was the product of incest (his mother and father were cousins or something) which resulted in him having the same last name – twice – which is now inked on me, foreva eva:

People think it has something to do with the Abba song, but it doesn’t even say Fernando!

McQueen’s departure, like my ex’s, still haunts me. McQueen’s hanging of himself has cast an ominous aura of foreboding over his trademark skull detailing. As much as I appreciate, for instance, the total McQueeness of the (now well exposed) knuckle skull clutch, the sight of it, and all designs skull, just remind me that he’s gone.

McQueen was reportedly mourning his break-up, and surely bemoaning the tattoo, shortly before he took his life, three days before Valentine’s Day 2010. Although tattooed and scorned myself, I never considered offing myself over my ex. Shortly after he dumped me on a side street in London, while I was holding the pricey take-out I just got us for dinner, I did, admittedly, in my state of self-loathing and despair, contemplate gnawing off my entire arm, rationalizing that it’s the left and I’m right handed. On further thought, however, I realized that would have been an even bigger mistake than the tattoo, and besides, I like my the other tattoos on my left arm, and as a Writer, I sorta need two arms to type fast.

Of course, it’s overly simplistic to assume that McQueen’s temporary love and permanent tattoo provoked him to commit suicide. He’d suffered greater losses. His mother had died of cancer earlier in 2010. In 2007, eccentric style icon Isabella Blow, his close friend, muse, and earliest patron ended her life at the end of a bottle of weed killer. Ouch.

McQueen, I’m happy to have something totally foolish in common with you. You make me proud of my tattoo, because you were also a sucker for someone who definitely didn’t deserve you, and all morbid thoughts aside, I still love your skulls, I just wish you hadn’t become one.

Microsoft Word - Tim Walker Image Sheet.doc



For more bio on the late Great McQueen, here’s “McQueen & I.”  It’s quite an exposition on his relationship with the equally tragically fated Isabella Blow and delves into how McQueen was really  all about Art for Art’s sake.  I also love that he is chubby for most of the documentary; he loved fashion, and pork pies.




Highly sought after artist Sue Tsai has become a big deal in the urban  art/fashion industry the 26 year old business woman reigning from Queens NY has successfully created a name for herself by delivering one of a kind pieces of artwork to the scene.   You have most likely seen her work numerous times without realizing it was hers. Rap artist Wale has her portrait of a heartless woman as his cover art for his popular single, “Bad.” Since then Sue Tsai’s popularity has grown to new heights.
Her beautiful “Heartbreak on Canvas,” collection delivers a message of empowerment through art to women going through troubled times in their lives specifically focusing on love.  These pieces are very much inspiring conveying a sense of strength, courage, and independence, something that all women can relate to when dealing with love lost.Not only a painter, Sue Tsai started out her creative career designing jewelry which has been worn by numerous celebrities including, Rihanna, Jim Jones, an Angela Simmons.  Her success does not stop there however.  Sue Tsai has gone far beyond just painting her artwork on canvas’ she has taken these unique images and put them on actual merchandise for all to enjoy in different ways.  You can find her work on iPhone cases, pillows, buttons, shot glasses and more.  Her artwork is also displayed on clothing that she calls, “Artparel” including t-shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts. Her clothing style is “Dope” and her art is unapologetically real.   Check out her merchandise at http://02bcc1e.netsolstores.com/.

Check out where Sue Tsai began her Art/fashion career with her signature jewelry line.



Rihanna’s bohemian glamour look for Brazil’s issue of Vogue turned out to be head to toe flawless, the choice of fashion jewelry and garments or should we say lack there of they chose to go with really brings this island chic style together to create a look that is natural, and sexy with a hint of that Rihanna edginess we all know and love.


The island star is known for making statements which it is why it is no surprise that she is topless in a good amount of the spread.  She is also known to be a huge fan of jewelry.  You can always catch Rihanna wearing some type of unique piece of sparkle, whether it be rings on every finger or body chains.  The stylist stayed true to Rihanna’s sense of style an incorporated an array of beautiful, shiny pieces that complemented the stars sun kissed glow perfectly.

The fashion jewelry brings this overall look together and makes it polished. Gold bangles and arm cuffs, mixed in with layers of dainty gold necklaces, bamboo style hoops as well as some statement neck pieces and rings were all used to reflect the Brazilian sun and give Rihanna that extra glimmer.  This look is easily accessible for all check out HawtShop Boutique for similar styles like Rihanna’s and create an urban chic look that exudes beauty and sex appeal.

Check out some behind the scenes look at the sexy summer photo shoot below.