Hawtshop shoes paired with drinks

drink up; legs crossed or not

Get your cowboy pimp on-


A night on the old range, or at least the proverbial one, tickling your fancy? Pick up these shit kickers, pair them with black tight denim and suspenders, and maybe extra-round, black glasses; then get to stepping. versatile enough to hit the city streets for miles of art gallery gazing or bar hoping and versatile enough to hit a rural landscape for some country road walking or billiards sharking.

Pair with:
⦁ beer in a can
⦁ whiskey in a flask
⦁ shots of tequila


Get your inner bitch on-

Wanna feel powerful? Skip the hard stuff and jump into a pair of these. Tall enough to dominate the crowds and some men, these boots can conjure feelings of might and spite. In a mini or some faux-leather, punk rock leggings these stilettos add curves to just the right places.
Pair with:
⦁ vodka and lime
⦁ any new trendy drink
⦁ vodka with a cherry


Get your walk on-


When Nancy Sinatra sang her smokey lines “these boots were made for walking” she was talking about these sons of bitches. Fancy enough to pair with a floral dress, yet casual enough for high-waisted, boyfriend jeans and a crop top these boots will get many miles out of anyone’s closet. The chunky, wooden heel gives just enough natural sentiment a girl just might feel like a hitting an outdoor concert.
Pair with:
⦁ bottled beer
⦁ all wines
⦁ gin and juice


Get your childhood on-

Who doesn’t want to step back in time? For women, shoes are a great way to metamorphosis into our past images; with these-reverse hopscotch to a space of lemonade and teddy bears galore. Soft pointed-toe in pastel pairs with the patent-leather black straps that scream nostalgia.
Pair with:
⦁ peppermint schnapps
⦁ peach schnapps
⦁ boone hill farms


Get your 1990’s on-

Retro is all the rage. And no shoe embodies that more than these grunge platforms that remind one of those derelict fashion senses of the 90s. With a pair of worn-in cut-offs scribbled with band names or lyrics, a barely buttoned flannel, a wool cap, and the pieces-de-resistance of greasy hair and a nose piercing, a flash to the past is what’s in order.
Pair with:
⦁ jagermeister
⦁ beer in red plastic cups
⦁ sangria



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