Body Image in the Bedroom: Turn Your Plus Size into a Plus

Contributing Writer: Renee Simpson


I have excess inner thigh meat.  During my too-long phase of online dating, I never knew whether to describe my body type as “a few extra pounds” because that would be slightly inaccurate – really, my extra pounds are all hanging out in one place, my inner thighs, and that’s an inhospitable place for, well, boy-girl intimacies.

Over the years, I tried several work arounds like turning off the lights, stretching my legs to  elongate the flabby bits, standing up and cupping some of the flabby bits, and even dating guys who didn’t mind the flabby bits.  But at the end of the night, my flabby bits always bothered me, and whenever a relationship didn’t work out, my go-to source of blame was – the flabby bits.

Then I met a semi-freak.

This fine gentleman introduced a belt into the action.  I couldn’t replicate the set-up if I tried, but after we’d been dating a while he used a belt to restrain my leg, for some benefit I could not appreciate, and then it dawned on me – I could restrain my flabby inner thigh meat with a belt!  I practiced, alone, in a mirror, and it was a MASSIVE FAIL.  I gave myself muffin tops on each of my legs.  Awful.  I know.

I kept the idea of restraint in mind, without launching a foray into the S&M world, and eureka – I could firm up my inner thigh flab with some fab crotch-free control quality hosiery! It felt odd to leave my top exposed, so I settled on a combo with a corset.  I suspected that the semi-freak with the belts wouldn’t mind, and I played off that my crotchless attire was part of my sexual enlightenment, which I told him he’d instigated with his belts. He enjoyed the (feigned) flattery and I exhilarated in my flabby bits becoming smooth and silky with the help of some hosiery.  This is the best inner thigh strategy I’ve ever tried with an even better upshot;  I had renewed confidence in my sexual prowess as a result of being less self-conscious about my inner thighs.

However, shortly after my grand sexual awakening,  I broke up with the guy with the belts.

He didn’t have a sex addiction as much as he had an ex addiction; He just loved talking about his ex and I made my ex-it, with new found swag. I’m now expanding my dating horizons and also my growing crotchless collection from simple sheers to fishnets, colors, sexy seams, and maybe for winter, the full-on body suit.

They’re a snap to find.  I mean, I wouldn’t want relatives coming over looking at my internet search history and seeing “plus size crotchless hosiery” but a simple search is all  it takes to get a pair (or several, because the idea of re-using them is sort of distasteful).

Pair your inner thigh taming hosiery with one of the Hawt Shop’s sexy confidence builders:

Remember – any negative can be turned into a plus with a little creative spin.

Have a Wicked Time!