Le Sape

The Le Sape outshine women’s fashion by far.


In the Congo, circa today, a mixture of Congolese and French fashion collide creating a dynamic group of couture men called the Le Sape, short for Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes, or the Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People. Men blend neon colours with classic styles; blend the oppressor with the oppressed.  This is not only a fashion statement for them.  It is a way of life where etiquette and ethics dominate the threads more than the brand.  Mind you, there are rules to follow regarding colour and shape of the whole ensemble.  Le Sape, no doubt, knows how drink a cup of tea with more refinery than a French magistrate or a debutante.

gentlemenofbacongo6 gentlemenofbacongo3 gentlemenofbacongo2

They are contrasting high-class with poverty, not something unknown in third world countries or cultures who invent their own fashion sense despite the surroundings, but Le Sape are unique in their own right.  Non-violent with strong religious convictions, Le Sape embody a fashion forward group with advanced thinking; an amalgam of what Africa is today.


Perhaps if you still aren’t familiar with them, I’m sure that a review of the famous Solange Knowles video “Losing You” will spark a memory (director Melina Matsoukas) where she parades down Cape Town in couture from head to toe while basking amongst Le Sape.



old skool hip hop=new skool dope

britpleasehothoes1 hothoes2

Women in any of the following-whether separate, together, or a mixture-demand power and respect:

flannels, cut-offs made from boyfriend’s or brother’s jeans, combat boots, wide-legged or tuxedo pants, heavy jewelry-aka multiple rings or earrings, letterman jackets, sweatshirts-favored hoodies, gold chains, and pastel hair or any manic panic shade.

hattrap  hothoes5

These are not simple symbols of the 90s, but symbols of masculine power that, once again, women today are adopting as their own.  However, to wear them is not enough.  The real key to the success of these items is a take-no-shit attitude.  Without it you are just rocking a look and not representing the package as such.  Gowone then, be a bad bitch; make them all bow down.


Hawtshop shoes paired with drinks

drink up; legs crossed or not

Get your cowboy pimp on-


A night on the old range, or at least the proverbial one, tickling your fancy? Pick up these shit kickers, pair them with black tight denim and suspenders, and maybe extra-round, black glasses; then get to stepping. versatile enough to hit the city streets for miles of art gallery gazing or bar hoping and versatile enough to hit a rural landscape for some country road walking or billiards sharking.

Pair with:
⦁ beer in a can
⦁ whiskey in a flask
⦁ shots of tequila


Get your inner bitch on-

Wanna feel powerful? Skip the hard stuff and jump into a pair of these. Tall enough to dominate the crowds and some men, these boots can conjure feelings of might and spite. In a mini or some faux-leather, punk rock leggings these stilettos add curves to just the right places.
Pair with:
⦁ vodka and lime
⦁ any new trendy drink
⦁ vodka with a cherry


Get your walk on-


When Nancy Sinatra sang her smokey lines “these boots were made for walking” she was talking about these sons of bitches. Fancy enough to pair with a floral dress, yet casual enough for high-waisted, boyfriend jeans and a crop top these boots will get many miles out of anyone’s closet. The chunky, wooden heel gives just enough natural sentiment a girl just might feel like a hitting an outdoor concert.
Pair with:
⦁ bottled beer
⦁ all wines
⦁ gin and juice


Get your childhood on-

Who doesn’t want to step back in time? For women, shoes are a great way to metamorphosis into our past images; with these-reverse hopscotch to a space of lemonade and teddy bears galore. Soft pointed-toe in pastel pairs with the patent-leather black straps that scream nostalgia.
Pair with:
⦁ peppermint schnapps
⦁ peach schnapps
⦁ boone hill farms


Get your 1990’s on-

Retro is all the rage. And no shoe embodies that more than these grunge platforms that remind one of those derelict fashion senses of the 90s. With a pair of worn-in cut-offs scribbled with band names or lyrics, a barely buttoned flannel, a wool cap, and the pieces-de-resistance of greasy hair and a nose piercing, a flash to the past is what’s in order.
Pair with:
⦁ jagermeister
⦁ beer in red plastic cups
⦁ sangria


Kimberly Jones, aka Lil Kim

Shall I proceed?  Yes, indeed.

lilkim6                        lilkim5

Talking about Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea, or Brooke Candy without mentioning The Queen Bee would be disrespectful and quite frankly pitiful.  Since before these leading ladies were leading ladies, it was first Lil Kim rolling with The Biggie entourage that brought us large lyrics in a little package.  Dominating the female rap game, stomping ’round the stage in bikinis and heels while pushing her vulgar language, among other things, into the public’s face, she earned a top spot and even stole some shows.  The public was not shocked, but rather delighted to see the game change.  A force to be reckoned with is not sufficient; she knew she was hot from day one and was just waiting for the world to recognize it for themselves.

lilkim3lilkim2  lilkim9

Brought up in Brooklyn, Lil Kim decided that struggling was not for her after her parents spilt; quickly, she joined the forces, like many power-hungry and independently successful ladies, of dangerous leagues of gentlemen.  She spun into the arms of Biggie who was certain that she would be his next bitch.  And she was.   Spreading her legs, rocking wigs for all occasions, flaunting body parts in a self-empowering way Lil Kim was changing, and has changed, the way females evaluate themselves and how they see themselves in media.


So to keep it real, next time you give props to some of these females who are in the game now, first you must pay your respects to Lil Kim who took the reigns and charged towards the public like a battalion.  Her “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude is what has won fans and kept her name in the mouths of the public.  Being explicit, verbally and physically, has opened doors for her and females that followed.  A big ups to rap game’s baddest bitch.


old skool Lil Kim:


new skool Lil Kim:


white girl booty

white girl booty



What is it about the assumption that white woman don’t have booties that infuriates those of us who have?  Is it the fact that for decades culture has marginalized white women with big butts as being something abnormal or obscene?  Once upon a time, cerca 15th centry-aka the Renaissance, there was a notion that chubby was lovely.  Damn, where did that go and why?  Is it the fact that the only women with speculative curves were anything but white (shout-out to all my black and latina beauties and anyone else I might have left out)?  Minorities can be voluptuous, but why not white women; where the sensuousness failed a concept of function was invented.  Women of colour were erotic, white women were often viewed as sterile or cold.  Sounds more like the description of a hospital than a female body.  Or is it the fact that the biggest assumption is “she can’t be just white with that booty”?  This crutch of categorizing and attributing certain female body parts with certain races is a bit absurd.  But yes, ladies and gentlemen, she is *all* white and pops it with the best of them.

Shout out to the likes of Coco T, Iggy Azalea, Christina Hendricks, and Khloe Kardashian.