white girl booty

white girl booty



What is it about the assumption that white woman don’t have booties that infuriates those of us who have?  Is it the fact that for decades culture has marginalized white women with big butts as being something abnormal or obscene?  Once upon a time, cerca 15th centry-aka the Renaissance, there was a notion that chubby was lovely.  Damn, where did that go and why?  Is it the fact that the only women with speculative curves were anything but white (shout-out to all my black and latina beauties and anyone else I might have left out)?  Minorities can be voluptuous, but why not white women; where the sensuousness failed a concept of function was invented.  Women of colour were erotic, white women were often viewed as sterile or cold.  Sounds more like the description of a hospital than a female body.  Or is it the fact that the biggest assumption is “she can’t be just white with that booty”?  This crutch of categorizing and attributing certain female body parts with certain races is a bit absurd.  But yes, ladies and gentlemen, she is *all* white and pops it with the best of them.

Shout out to the likes of Coco T, Iggy Azalea, Christina Hendricks, and Khloe Kardashian.



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